Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This is FAREWELL!!

TWO DAYS till we're 'airborne' my friends! 2 days! And with each moment that grows closer to Thursday I feel more peace coming upon me, like waves of it. If you know me at all, you know beyond doubt that is not my nature...I have a full on anxiety attack when just packing the kids to go to grandma's for the day so imagine how an unseasoned traveler "could" be reacting these days! Just a visit to Ogilvie brings about an artistic expression of what Hitler may look like as a mother when thinking about all that I have to get ready, what not to forget and getting out the door "on schedule", with my car full of rambunctious lil Traut's.  Needless to say, a heart full of peace is a nice place to be.

So this may be my last post on this blog for the next week+. As we prepare to head off to Haiti, this is the divinely designed group God has orchestrated for the 2014 November ACT Missions team:

Becki & Riley
Meleah & Will
Tami & Elizabeth
Jen & Delaney
Maria & Zach

Will you consider praying for each one of us?! Our diverse team is made of not only seasoned adults but some very young leaders of faith who are stepping out to follow God's call on their life to love the orphan. In the names I've listed above I paired together the parents with their children. We are coming together from all over the US to join in one heart of love for the orphaned children in Haiti.

Thank You all for your support! We're calling out to all our beloved friends & family who have it on their hearts to pray for us, now is the time we need you most! We leave early Thursday morning, November 6th to begin our travels to Haiti. Please keep us in prayer daily November 6-13th until we all arrive safely home.

Pray especially for our amazing team leaders, Becki and co-leader Meleah who carry a great responsibility of leadership over the 14 of us upon their shoulders. Also please pray intently for our young men & women of God we are shaping to be the hands & feet of Jesus on this trip, may their hearts be forever changed by what God sews into them and releases through them in this next week. Please join our hearts in prayer that the Lord would move mightily while we walk this journey with Him. Agree with us that we are in His divine favor and that we'll see the love of God manifested in ways we could not even imagine and all would be blessed by an encounter with our loving Father!

Although we have a tentative, flexible schedule of where we'll be spending our time serving, these are a couple opportunities we may have, so please join in covering these ministries in prayer:

Gertrude's Orphanage

Foyer De Sion

Apparent Project

Baptist Haiti Mission

AND we have created a "team blog" where our team leader wants someone from the group to blog each day about our experiences. So, you will get to go on this ride with us if you follow this blog:


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